3 Riddles about a man and a car accident attorney office

Answer 3 Riddles About a Man and a Car Accident Attorney’s Office

Answer Riddles

The first riddle

A man is pushing his car along the road while looking for a car accident attorney.  Before finding a car accident attorney’s office, he decided to stop at a hotel.

He arrives at a hotel, stops and immediately declares “I’m bankrupt!” Can you explain what has happened?

Answer : He is playing monopoly

Secon Riddles

Five men are going to church which is next to the car accident attorney’s office. It starts to rain, and four of the men begin to run. When they arrive at the church, the four men who ran are soaking wet, whereas the fifth man, who didn’t run, is completely dry. How is this possible?

Answer : It is the fifth man’s funeral, and the other four men are carrying him into the church in a coffin

Third RIddles

A man who had just returned from a car accident attorney’s office enters a saloon and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman reaches under the bar, pulls out a gun, and points it at the man. The man says “Thank you”, and leaves the saloon. How do you explain their behavior?

Answer : The man had hiccups, and the barman thought a sudden shock would make them go away. It did, so the man thanked him, and no longer needing the water, left the saloon.

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