Funny Real Life Insurance Claims

Funny And Crazy Real-Life Insurance Claims

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Funny And Crazy Real-Life Insurance Claims by riddlelogic. The world of insurance is to be used to protect themselves and other things. But who would have thought there were funny things in the world of insurance. here we summarize 10 funny and crazy real life Insurance claimb.

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10 Funny And Crazy Real-Life Insurance Claims

This is a funny and crazy insurance claim story by riddlelogic. If you have a similar experience, please write in the comments column.

  1. On a particularly sunny day, one woman decided to take her pricey, brand-new drone on a test ride. She turned away mid-flight to avoid the glare of the sun. When she looked back, her unmanned drone had vanished into thin air.
  2. One family was in for a huge surprise when they saw a cluster of bats flying from their 150-year-old farmhouse. As it turns out, the attic was infested and coated in almost two feet of bat poop. Thank goodness for Homeowner’s Insurance, right?
  3. A hunter in southwest Missouri polished his prized 4WD pickup truck with a carnauba car wax that had a distinct banana scent. When he returned from a hunting trip, he found a group of horses licking his truck. As he got closer, he noticed the truck was also covered in bite marks!
  4. After buying a brand-new pair of skis for her trip to the Alpines, one woman filed a Travel Insurance claim because there was hardly any snow on the ground when she arrived. Pretty wacky, right?
  5. Once upon a time, an insured filed a claim saying their boat was stolen from a closed garage. The problem? The boat was 30 feet long, and the garage was only 24 feet. Instead of having their claim paid out, they received a fine.
  1. Two children buried their parents’ video camera in the sand during a family beach vacation. Unfortunately, they couldn’t remember where they put it!
  2. One woman filed an insurance claim after a goose swallowed her diamond ring. She searched through its droppings for a few weeks until the goose flew away and never did find the ring. Yikes!
  3. Despite filing a $10K claim for a lost fur coat, one woman’s plans were foiled when the coat was found sitting in storage with her name monogrammed on the inside – along with a $1K receipt for the coat.
  4. Celebrities, models and athletes are known to take out insurance policies on their body parts to help protect their signature features. Similarly, one food critic decided to insure his taste buds for $393K! Guess he won’t be missing a day on-the-job.
  5. One woman discovered a colorful mess after her dog accidentally dipped its tail in an open can of paint – and then proceeded to shake and wag paint drippings all over the house! Lesson learned: two-legged painters are better than the four-legged variety.

Those are 10 funny stories in the world of insurance. write in the comments column if you have an experience like the story above. Before you close this page, try this challenge hard riddle 2021.

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