Quiz Questions For Kids

Best Quiz Questions For Kids – With Answer

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Hey, this is Quiz Questions For Kids, perfect for testing your children’s abilities. There are 60 Qiuz that have been prepared by the logic riddle team to test your children’s thinking skills. Come on, give them a question now and match the answers we have provided.

We really believe, this will help you improve your child’s intelligence, helping them to think and find out about something.

We also prepared riddles for parents, namely hard logic riddles. You can try it later.

Ok, let’s start now, How good is your son answering this quiz. Don’t forget to give expression and emphasis when asking questions.

Best Quiz Questions For Kids
Best Quiz Questions For Kids

Quiz Questions For Kids Part 1

  1. How many legs does a spider have?
    Answer: Eight
  2. What is the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story?
    Answer: Woody
  3. What is the color of an emerald?
    Answer: Green
  4. What is something you hit with a hammer?
    Answer: A nail
  5. What’s the name of a place you go to see lots of animals?
    Answer: The zoo
  6. Whose nose grew longer every time he lied?
    Answer: Pinocchio
  7. What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?
    Answer: Tinkerbell
  8. If you freeze water, what do you get?
    Answer: Ice
  9. What colors are the stars on the American flag?
    Answer: White
  10. In the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill, what do Jack and Jill go up the hill to fetch?
    Answer: A pail of water

Quiz Questions For Kids Part 2

  1. Where does the President of the United States live while in office?
    Answer: The White House
  2. How many planets are in our solar system?
    Answer: Eight
  3. Which ocean is off the California coast?
    Answer: The Pacific
  4. What fruit do kids traditionally give to teachers?
    Answer: An apple
  5. What’s the response to “see you later, alligator?”
    Answer: “In a while, crocodile.”
  6. Which Disney movie is Elsa in?
    Answer: Frozen
  7. Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?
    Answer: Minnie Mouse
  8. Where does Santa Claus live?
    Answer: The North Pole
  9. According to the Dr.Seuss book, who stole Christmas?
    Answer: The Grinch
  10. Which state is famous for Hollywood?
    Answer: California

Quiz Questions For Kids Part 3

  1. What type of fish is Nemo?
    Answer: A clownfish
  2. What do caterpillars turn into?
    Answer: Butterflies
  3. What is the color of a school bus?
    Answer: Yellow
  4. What do you use to write on a blackboard?
    Answer: Chalk
  5. On which holiday do you go trick-or-treating?
    Answer: Halloween
  6. How many pairs of wings do bees have?
    Answer: Two
  7. Where is the Great Pyramid of Giza?
    Answer: Egypt
  8. What is a doe?
    Answer: A female deer
  9. What do bees make?
    Answer: Honey
  10. When do leaves die?
    Answer: In the fall

Quiz For Kids Part 4

  1. What kind of cat is considered bad luck?
    Answer: Black cats
  2. How many days are in a year?
    Answer: 365
  3. What is the name of the pirate in Peter Pan?
    Answer: Captain Hook
  4. What is a brontosaurus?
    Answer: A dinosaur
  5. What is a group of lions called?
    Answer: A pride
  6. Which is the fastest land animal?
    Answer: The cheetah
  7. What kind of animal was Abu in Aladdin?
    Answer: A monkey
  8. Who wrote Hamlet?
    Answer: William Shakespeare
  9. Who built the pyramids?
    Answer: The Egyptians
  10. In the nursery rhyme, who sat on a wall before having a great fall?
    Answer: Humpty Dumpty

Quiz For Kids Part 5

  1. On the farm, what is a kid? Answer: A baby goat
  2. What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl? Answer: Hedwig
  3. What color are Smurfs? Answer: Blue
  4. Name Batman’s crime fighting partner? Answer: Robin
  5. How many sides does a triangle have? Answer: Three
  6. Which superhero can climb up walls and buildings? Answer: Spiderman
  7. “Stars and Stripes” is the nickname of the flag of which country? Answer: United States of America
  8. Which planet in our Solar System is known for having a ring? Answer: Saturn
  9. Why do things fall when you drop them? Answer: Because of gravity
  10. What is the largest mammal in the world? Answer: A whale

Quiz Part 6

  1. How many colors are in a rainbow? Answer: Seven
  2. Who is the patron saint of Ireland? Answer: St. Patrick
  3. In which capital city of Europe would you find the Eiffel Tower? Answer: Paris
  4. What do you have to stick on an envelope? Answer: A stamp
  5. Who was the first American president? Answer: George Washington
  6. Which country is home to the kangaroo? Answer: Australia
  7. What is the opposite of ‘cheap’? Answer: Expensive
  8. Which animal is the tallest in the world? Answer: Giraffe
  9. Which singing voice is the highest pitch? Soprano, tenor or baritone? Answer: Soprano
  10. A scientist who studies rocks is called a what? Answer: A geologist

Quiz Part 7

  1. Who was the first man to step on the moon? Answer: Neil Armstrong
  2. What could make Harry Potter invisible? Answer: The Invisibility Cloak
  3. In sports, what is an MVP? Answer: Most Valuable Player
  4. If you suffer from arachnophobia, which animal are you scared of? Answer: Spiders
  5. What’s the response to “see you later, alligator?” Answer: In a while, crocodile.
  6. What food do pandas eat? Answer: Bamboo
  7. Which place is called “the happiest place in the world?” Answer: Disney World
  8. What day of the year is Independence Day? Answer: July 4th
  9. How many continents are there in the world? Answer: Seven
  10. What is the largest state in America? Answer: Alaska


What is your child’s answering skills? you can do this over and over. Please try again next week. as well as a memory test for your child. Or try to give them riddles too, We have prepared best riddles for kids.

Children are the successor of parents, it is very important to always provoke them to think. Quizzes and riddles are much more beneficial to a child’s brain development than any existing TV shows or games.

It’s time for you to give them some thought, and start reducing their access to TV shows and games.

Thank you for reading this quiz to the younger generations. If you have other quizzes, please write them in the comments column. May we as parents succeed in educating their children.

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