Cat Quiz

Cat Quiz – Want to try?


The cat quiz is a test of knowledge about cats, we have prepared 10 questions to test your knowledge of these pets. If you are a cat lover then you must try it. Once done with this, you can also test your skills with hard riddles.
Come on, try to answer this challenge. From the basics about cats to things that humans rarely know.

Quiz Cat

Cat Quiz

Quiz about cats, will test your knowledge about cats. Look how good you know about kucing

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Overview of Cats

After completing the cat quiz, please continue reading the short explanation about cats that we have summarized from wikipedia. The cat is a domestic species of small carnivorous mammal. Cats can be domestic cats, farm cats or stray cats. Cats are liked by humans because of their friendship, cute faces and their ability to hunt rodents.

Cats have strong flexible bodies, fast reflexes, sharp teeth and claws to kill small prey. Her night vision and sense of smell are well developed. Cat communication includes vocalizations such as meowing, purring, vibrating, hissing, growling and grunting, as well as cat-specific body language.

Cat Quiz
Cat Quiz

As predators most active at dawn and dusk, cats are great and tough hunters but are a social species. It can hear sounds that are too faint or too high in frequency for the human ear, such as those made by mice and other small mammals. Cats emit and feel pheromones.

Female domestic cats can have kittens from spring to late fall, with kitten sizes often ranging from two to five kittens.

Domestic cats are the second most popular pet in the United States, with 95 million cats owned. In the United Kingdom, approximately 7.3 million cats lived in more than 4.8 million households in 2019.

The earliest known indications for the taming of the African wild cat were unearthed near a Neolithic human grave in Shillourokambos, southern Cyprus, dating from about 7500–7200 BC. Since there is no evidence of native mammal fauna in Cyprus, the inhabitants of this Neolithic village likely brought in cats and other wild mammals to the island from the mainland Middle East.

Quiz about cat
Quiz about cat

Scientists therefore assume that African feral cats were attracted to early human settlements on the Fertile Crescent by rodents, particularly house mice, and were domesticated by Neolithic farmers. This commensal relationship between early breeders and domesticated cats lasted for thousands of years. As agricultural practices spread, so did domestic and domestic cats.

The feral cat in Egypt contributed to the maternal gene pool of the domestic cat at a later date. The earliest known evidence for the occurrence of domestic cats in Greece comes from around 1200 BC. Greek, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Etruscan traders introduced domestic cats to southern Europe.

During the Roman Empire they were introduced to Corsica and Sardinia before the beginning of the first millennium. By the 5th century BC, they were known around settlements in Magna Graecia and Etruria. By the end of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, the Egyptian domestic cat lineage had arrived at the Baltic Sea ports in northern Germany.

Quiz about cat
Quiz about cat

During domestication, cats underwent only minor changes in anatomy and behavior, and they were still able to survive in the wild. Some of the behaviors and natural characteristics of feral cats may have been previously adapted for domestic taming as pets.

These traits include small size, social traits, clear body language, playfulness, and relatively high intelligence.


Those are 10 questions about cats, how. Do you already know your knowledge about cats? Extraordinary or ordinary?
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