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Blank World Map Quiz 2021


Blank world map quiz is a challenge for explorers or those who like traveling. This really challenges your knowledge. You will be given a map without description and you have to guess the name of the place on the map.

Blank World Map Quiz

Can you earn the title as the great explorer? Let’s take a look at your skills in the blank world map quiz. After this quiz we also challenge you on the general knowledge quiz and Cat Quiz there are many types of quizzes in it.

Ok Let’s get started with the quiz about continents and oceans, and see if you are under-roaming, casual or a great explorer.

Quiz about continents and oceans

The challenge is to guess the names of the continents and oceans on the map. There are 10 challenges in the form of questions that you must answer.

Blank World Map Quiz

Blank American Continent Map Quiz

Furthermore, the 2nd Blank World Map Quiz is about the American continent. If you’ve studied this or you’ve explored the Americas then maybe this quiz was really easy for us. But it’s okay, let’s test your knowledge. How great is it that you can locate countries on a blank map of the Americas.

American Continent Map Quiz

Blank World Map Quiz Contents

Here is a list of content in the Quiz about continents and oceans, in total there are 10 questions about continents and oceans.

  1. Where is Asia on the map?
  2. Where is North America on the map?
  3. Where is Autralia on the map?
  4. Where is the Atlantic Ocean on the map?
  5. Where is Africa on the map?
  6. Where is South America on the map?
  7. Where is the Pacific Ocean on the Map?
  8. Where is Europe on the map?
  9. The number 12 on the map is part of?
  10. Where is the Indian Ocean on the map?

Blank Americas Map Quiz Content

  1. The map above is ?
  2. What country is number 5 on the map?
  3. Where is Greenland?
  4. Colombia – Bolivia – Uruguay on the map are numbers?
  5. The largest country on the map is
  6. The country in number 3,8,12 is?
  7. Paraguay is in numbers?
  8. Where is French Guyana?
  9. Which one looks bigger on the map of these 3 countries?
  10. Which one looks Small on the map of these 3 countries?


That’s the quiz about the world map, how interesting and challenging isn’t it? If you have content that deserves to be made into a quiz, please write in the comments column, we are very happy to receive it.

I also suggest you follow the hard riddles, they are very challenging, you will use logic to answer them.

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