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Quiz About Food Series 2021


The food quiz is a quiz that contains questions about food from various countries and ethnic groups in the world. We prepared 40 questions about food that are ready to test your knowledge about food.

Starting from traditional food, special food to modern food is in this quiz. For example, typical food from the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

This is very interesting for you to test your knowledge about food. Currently there are 197 countries in the world, each country has at least 1 national food. Not to mention that every tribe in one country must also have special or traditional food.

Ok, let’s get on with this quiz. If you are one who is interested in knowing the various types of food in the world then this is perfect for you to test your knowledge. We divided the food quiz into 4 sections, each part consisting of 10 questions. Here are the parts:

  1. General Food Quiz
  2. Traditional Food Quiz
  3. Food Uniqueness Quiz Content
  4. National food quiz

This is the initial stage, and the admin logic riddle and quiz is committed to developing this quiz continuously, both quality and quantity.

Quiz About General Food

In this session we have 10 questions about general foods. Chances are you will answer them easily.

General Food Quiz

Quiz About Traditional Food

This session also consists of 10 questions, but it might be a little more difficult. questions about traditional foods from several countries. But if you are a food lover or like culinary tourism, this will be easier for you.

Traditional Food Quiz

Quiz About the Uniqueness of Food

This may seem light, but it can be difficult or very challenging to answer. also contains 10 questions, about the uniqueness in the world of food.

Food Uniqueness Quiz Content

Quiz About the National Food

Of course it also contains 10 questions. if you often travel to various countries, this will be easier for you to answer. In this session you will be assisted with pictures, you have to guess the name of the food in the picture along with the country of origin.

National Food Quiz

What do you think about the food quiz you’ve tried? Write later in the comments. Maybe you would. Maybe now you want to relax more with our funny brain teaser, you are also worth giving it a try.

I commend you if you manage to get the best score or can answer correctly at least 8 questions per quiz. You must be someone who is knowledgeable about food or maybe you are a world class chef. And I thank you for being willing to take our best quiz quiz.

Quiz Content About General Foods

  1. Which of these is NOT a type of mushroom?
  • a. Tiger’s tail
  • b. King oyster
  • c. Chicken of the woods
  • d. Lion’s mane

2. Lady Finger is a variety of which fruit?

  • a. Banana
  • b. Melon

3. Which country grows the most maize?

  • a. United States
  • b. United Kingdom

4. How many calories are in one gram of fat?

  • a. 9
  • b. 21

5. How many cups of tea are drunk in the UK on average every day?

  • a. 165 million
  • b. 16 million

6. Who introduced lemons to America?

  • a. Christopher Columbus
  • b. George Washington

7. How many kernels will you find on an average ear of corn?

  • a. 800
  • b. 900

7. Shirley, Ailsa Craig and Mr Stripey are all types of what?

  • a. Tomato
  • b. Courgette
  • c. Apple
  • d. Aubergine

8. In Indonesian and Malay cuisine what does the word ‘nasi’ refer to?

  • a. Rice
  • b. Egg
  • c. Wheat
  • d. Curry

9. Roughly how much does a medium egg (still in its shell) weigh in the UK?

  • a. 53-63g
  • b. 23-33g
  • c. 33-43g
  • d. 63-73g

10. Which type of beans are used to make baked beans?

  • a. Haricot beans
  • b. Borlotti beans
  • c. Cannellini beans
  • d. Flageolet beans

Quiz Content About Traditional Foods

Quiz about Food
Quiz about Food

1. Paneer, Tandoori chicken and Rasgullas and Bakso are typical foods from which country?

  • a. India
  • b. Egypt
  • c. Singapore

2. Ciba cake, Dim sum and Fuling jiabing are typical foods from which country?

  • a. China
  • b.Egypt
  • c. Japan

3. Karelian stew, Karelian pasty and Kesäkeitto are typical foods from which country?

  • a. Finland
  • b.Canada
  • c. Germany

4. Nasi Goreng, Gado-gado and Bakso are typical foods from which country?

  • a. Indonesia
  • b. Saudia Arabia
  • c. Malaysia

5. Bresse chicken traditional foods from which country?

  • a. France
  • b. Germany
  • c. Netherland

6. Black Forest ham is traditional foods from which country?

  • a. Germany
  • b. United Kingdom
  • c. United State

7. Hákarl is tradional is traditional foods from which country?

  • a. Iceland
  • b. America
  • d. Canada

8. Bibimbab Bulgogi and Nurungji are traditional foods from which country?

  • a. Korea
  • b. Japan
  • c. Thailand

9. Garudiya is traditional foods from which country?

  • a. Maldives
  • b. Malta
  • d. Mexico

10. Atole, Capirotada And Enchilada are traditional foods from which country?

  • a. Mexico
  • b. Nepal
  • c. Malta

Quiz Content about the Uniqueness of Food

1. Alongside the UK, which other two countries drink the most cups of tea?

  • a. Turkey and Ireland
  • b. Germany and US

2. Meyer, Eureka, and Lisbon are varieties of which fruit?

  • a. Lemon
  • b. Papaya

3. Which country grows the most mangoes?

  • a. India
  • b. Indonesia

4. What were the first teabags made from?

  • a. Silk
  • b. Cotton

5. Which nuts are used in marzipan?

  • a. Almonds
  • b. Peanuts

6. Which year was the Wagon Wheel biscuit first available

  • a. 1954
  • b. 1964

7. Which country is the origin of the cocktail Mojito?

  • a. Cuba
  • b. Honduras

8. Bobotie is the national dish of which country?

  • a. South Africa
  • b. Nigeria
  • c. Canada
  • d. Mexico

9. Which flower does the spice saffron come from?

  • a. Crocus
  • b. Orchid
  • c. Nasturtium
  • d. Poppy

10. Gruyère is a cheese from which country?

  • a. Switzerland
  • b. Egypt
  • c. Austria
  • d. Germany

Quiz Content about National Food

What’s the name of this food and from which countries? Yes, the session contained questions about the national food of several countries. The tools in the form of images.

Conclusions and Recommendations

That’s a quiz about food brought to you by quiz maker riddlelogic.online, I hope this will make you happy with your family, friends and colleagues. We still have many quizzes that you deserve to try, one of which is the General Knowledge Quiz. Or if you want to play riddles you can try the Sphinx Riddle, this requires logic to answer it.

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