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7 Mind Riddles That Will Drain Your Brain

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These mind riddles will drain your brain, be careful. There are 7 riddles that we have prepared and will make your brain think hard. If you’ve ever played hard riddles then you deserve to play and solve this mind puzzle. Ok let’s get started.

Mind Riddles About Birthdays and Ship

About Birthday (1) : A girl was ten on her last birthday, and will be twelve on her next birthday. How is this possible? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

About Ship (2) : 3 A ladder hangs over the side of a ship anchored in port. The bottom anak tangga menyentuh air. Jarak antar anak tangga adalah 30cm, dan panjang tangganya adalah 270cm. Jika pasang naik dengan kecepatan 15 cm per jam, berapa lama lagi air akan mencapai anak tangga teratas? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

Mind Riddles About Painting and Thief

About Painting (3) : A man is shown a portrait painting. He looks closely, then exclaims rather cryptically: “ Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is the man in the portrait? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

About Thief (4) : There may not be honor among thieves, but there is certainly hierarchy, and it pays to be at the top. Four thieves were planning to break into the king’s jewel room, and had agreed among themselves to enter one at a time and each take half of however many jewels they found there.

The first thief entered the jewel room, filled his pockets as agreed, and was about to make off, when he realized that he would be leaving the second thief with an impossible division.

“Well, to make things easier for him” he thought “I had better take another jewel”, and that’s exactly what he did. The second thief entered the room, took his half of the jewels, and encountering the same problem of division, resolved on the same solution, and also took one jewel more.

The third thief followed suit, taking half, and one jewel more. At last, it was the fourth thief’s turn, but when he entered — alas! — he saw that all the jewels were gone. How many jewels were there to begin with? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

Mind Riddles About Barber And Bags Of Coins

About Barber (5): A man arrives in a small town in the middle of nowhere and is in desperate need of a haircut. He observes that there are only two barbers in the town.

The East Side Barber is immaculately presentable, and perfectly groomed. Coincidentally, he has the very haircut the man wishes for himself. The West Side Barber, the man sees to his dismay, is poorly dressed and in desperate need of a shave.

He has an awful shock of hair the man wouldn’t wish upon his worst enemy. Which barber shop does he decide to visit and why? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

About Bags Of Coins (6): There are ten bags of coins in front of you. Nine of them contain genuine coins but one of them, you know, is full of counterfeit coins. You cannot see any difference between the coins or bags, or feel any difference when you lift them.

However, you know that the counterfeit coins weigh one gram less than the real coins. You have an accurate scale, but are only allowed one weighing to determine which of the ten bags contains counterfeit coins. How should you proceed? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

Mind Riddles About Race (7)

Robert and Smith race one another over 100m. When Robert crosses the finish line, Smith is only at the 90m mark. They agree to have a second race, but to make it fairer, Usain will begin 10m behind the starting line. All things being equal, who would you expect to win the race? See Answers at the Bottom of this Page.

Mind Puzzle Answers

  1. Today is her eleventh birthday.
  2. The ship will rise with the tide, so the water will always remain level with the first rung
  3. The man is looking at a portrait of his own son.
  4. The answer is easily calculated if you work backwards: The third thief must have found two jewels; the second thief, six; and the first thief, fourteen.
  5. The West Side Barber. The man reasons that as there are only two barbers in town, they must cut each other’s hair.
  6. Number the bags from 1-10, then remove one coin from the first bag, two from the second, three from the third etc. all the way up to the tenth bag. Next weigh the coins you have removed. Their total weight will be somewhere between 1 and 10 grams lighter than it would have been if all the coins were genuine. If it is one gram too light, the counterfeit coin came from the first bag ; two grams too light, and they came from the second bag etc. all the way up again to the tenth bag.
  7. Assuming that Robert does not slow down through tiredness in the final 10m, he will win this race as well. At the 90m mark they will be neck and neck (Robert having covered 100m and Smith 90m as in their previous race), and Robert will be faster over the final 10m.

Conclusions and Recommendations

How many mind puzzles can you solve? If there is much you can solve then you can continue to Difficult Riddles “9 Difficult Puzzles That Can Make You Scream” Or choose the list of puzzles below.

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