7 of The Most difficult Riddles to Answer in The 90s

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Answer Number 1 : 54×3 = 162

Second Difficult Riddle

This puzzle pushes possibility to its limits. Today is Emilio’s birthday. His older twin sister, Elisa, telephones to wish him many happy returns. Three days later it is Elisa’s birthday, and this time it is Emilio’s turn to call and wish her a happy birthday. How is it possible that Emilio and Elisa, though twins, have their birthdays three days apart? The answer is on the next page.

The Third Difficult

Riddle You are walking across a field in the countryside when you notice an unusual collection of items lying in a heap on the ground. There are nine pieces of coal, a carrot, a scarf, and two snapped branches. What are they doing there? The answer is on the next page.