7 of The Most difficult Riddles to Answer in The 90s

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Answer Number 2 : The twins’ mother went into labor while traveling by boat across a change of time zone. Elisa was born early on March the 1 st . Emilio was born in a different time zone, in the late hours of February 28 th . In most years, Emilio will therefore celebrate his birthday one day before his older sister celebrates hers. In leap years, Emilio will celebrate his birthday two days before his sister. And in the particular leap year in question, we must conclude that the twins are living on either side of the International Date Line. Let us say that Emilio is in Japan and Elisa is in the US. When she calls, it is the morning of February 28 th in Japan, but still the evening of February the 27 th in the US. Three days later, on the morning of March the 2 nd in Japan, Emilio calls Elisa to wish her a happy birthday. It is the evening of March the 1 st in the US

Answer Number 3 : The items were part of a snowman that has now melted.

The Fourth Difficult Riddle

The sorcerer’s tower was enchanted in such a way that it was able to build itself. Bricks, slates, tiles, and panes of glass, all flew to it of their own accord and danced into position. The tower doubled in size every day until after 100 days it reached a height that provided fine views over the entire realm. How many days did the tower take to reach half its full height? See Answers on the next page

Fifth Difficult Riddle

In marble walls as white as milk, Lined with a skin as soft as silk; Within a fountain crystal clear, A golden apple doth appear. No doors there are to this stronghold. Yet thieves break in and steal the gold. See Answers on the next page