Movie Vikings Quiz

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Movie Viking Quiz

This quiz is perfect for you if you like the Serial Vikings movie. There are 10 questions to test your knowledge. Come on, test your knowledge about the Vikings movie.

Welcome to your Movie Vikings Quiz

The film series Vikings (produced by Michael Hirst) premiered on TV what year?

Viking films inspired by tales?

Who is this man?

Movie Vikings Quiz
Movie Vikings Quiz

The character in this series who has the expertise to make ships / boats is?

Ragnar has a wife who fought with him at the start of the season. What is her name?

Who is this woman?

Movie Vikings Quiz
Movie Vikings Quiz

The son of Ragnar who also appeared at the start of the season is?

The son of Ragnar who has an unyielding spirit, and adventures up to Kievan Rus' is?

The name of the viking village in this series is?

The character in this film who managed to become a leader in West Francia is?


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