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Free Online Puzzles is for anyone who likes playing puzzles. We are happy to share this game with you. Online puzzles are an excellent way to test the speed and accuracy of thinking. Great for adults and school students.

We divide Free Online Puzzles And Games into 3 parts. For adults, for junior school, and for middles or high school. Ok, let’s play now, you can see the answer at the end of this page.

We have many other types of puzzles that you can play after this. One of which is Riddles Of The Day – Train Your Mind to Work Well

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Free Online Puzzles For Adults

  1. A statesman was sentenced to exile, and his political opponents were keen that the sentence be upheld. The custom of the land however, was to let fate determine the finality of such sentences. Two slips of paper would be placed into a jar, and the statesman asked to select one of them. One of the slips would be marked “Exile”, and the other “Pardon“. The evening before the draw, word reached the statesman that his opponents had replaced the “Pardon” slip with another marked “Exile”. The statesman would have no opportunity to inform the authorities of what had happened. He would have to draw a single slip from the jar, in full knowledge that it was certain to read “Exile”. By what course of action could the statesman ensure that he received a pardon?
  2. In a closely contested race, the judges call for a photo finish to determine the winner. It becomes clear that Alfonso crossed the line in first place, just ahead of Samuel. None of the judges dispute this, and yet they award the trophy to Frankie, who crossed the line in third place. Alfonso and Samuel have not broken the rules or done anything that might prejudice the judges against them. So why does Frankie receive the trophy?
  3. A train pulls in alongside a crowded platform. It is precisely on schedule. The train is not full, and yet nobody boards it. All trains that stop at the platform travel to the same destinations. Why then did nobody board the train?
  4. A hunter in Alaska sights his prey and takes up his gun. He is so deep into the wilderness that no other humans will even hear the shot. He aims carefully, and fires. It is a perfect shot, but he instantly realizes it was a serious mistake. Minutes later he is dead. What happened?
  5. A police unit raids a house to arrest a suspected criminal. They have no idea what the man looks like, but they know that he is currently inside the house, and that his name is Michael. The raid interrupts a game of poker. Around the table are an electrician, a carpenter, a fireman, and a politician. The police immediately know that the carpenter is Michael and arrest him without asking any questions of the others. How did they correctly identify the suspect?
  6. A cabin is discovered at the edge of a mountain precipice. The door has been locked from the inside and needs to be forced open. Fifty people are found dead inside. They had blankets and large quantities of food and water. How did they die?

Free Online Puzzles For Middle or High School

If you are a student in high or middle school then this puzzle is perfect for you. Let’s test your knowledge now and see the answer at the end of the page.

  1. I am a small chunk made of rocky materials that revolves around the biggest and brightest luminous object in the center of our solar system. Often called a minor planet.
  2. I am an area of space that is extremely dense with the strongest gravity! Nothing! No dust particles or even light can escape from me.
  3. What are the final or end stages of evolution for luminous astronomical objects called stars?
  4. I am a curved path through which a celestial body revolves around the biggest and brightest spherical body in our solar system.
  5. Which region is treeless found in the Arctic and on the tops of mountains?
  6. I am a smaller spherical object than the perfect sphere of hot plasma.
  7. I am an area with trees and undergrowth; important for your survival. You depend on me the air you breathe and the wood you use.
  8. I am a large funnel-shaped wind rotating with a speed of 100 to 300 miles per hour that destroys things in its way.
  9. I am an anticlockwise and circular strong wind that spins very fast inwards to a low barometric pressure area.
  10. I am an extremely violent and rotating tropical wind that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
  11. I am an extremely violent and rotating tropical wind that occurs in the Western Pacific Ocean or the Northern Indian Ocean.
  12. I am a large mass of snow, ice, and rocks that rapidly move from a mountain slope to downward.
  13. I am an overflow of water occurred due to massive rainfall that submerges a dry area.
  14. I am a series of water waves that occurred due to an earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption under the sea.
  15. I am an intense and sudden shaking of Earth’s surface happened due to movements in Earth’s outermost layer.
  16. I am occurred due to disturbances in the natural stability of a slope that makes it break or suddenly fall downward.
  17. I am an ornamental upward flow of water forced up through a small hole.
  18. I am a tube-shaped source of water, created by digging, driving, or drilling in the ground. 303. I am potable water that flows through a pipeline from the primary source to the valve.
  19. I am used to study different celestial bodies and observe distant objects in the Universe.
  20. I move around a spherical object for different purposes, such as communication, weather forecasting, GPS, etc.
  21. I am the largest celestial body in our solar system with a dangerous radiation belt, an iconic Great Red Spot, and more than 50 lunas.
  22. . I am a red spherical body living with my Phobos and Deimos, the biggest & brightest member in the center, a blue twin to me, and other six family members.
  23. I am a whole consisted of all existing matter and space that you can touch, feel, measure, sense, or detect.
  24. I am everything! I am made of over a billion galaxies, and each one of them has over a billion solar systems with their stars and planets along with gas and dust particles.
  25. I am a theory through which you can come to how the Universe started as a single point and expanded to become much larger.
  26. I contain the solar system where your Earth exists, made of over a billion stars. I look like a hazy spiral band of light across the night sky from your Earth.
  27. . There is little precipitation available. The ground surface has not protected due to the lack of vegetation. Living conditions are not favorable for plant and animal life.
  28. What is an open, continuous, and fairly flat area of grass found between temperate forests at high latitudes and deserts at subtropical latitudes?
  29. I am a grassy plain with few trees found in tropical regions 8° to 20° from the Equator.

 Free Online Puzzles For Junior high School

Next is a puzzle for junior high school students. If you are one of them, then this puzzle is perfect for you to play with your school friends. Let’s test your knowledge now.

  1.  I am available in different shapes and colors. I can cover your body to avoid getting wet in heavy rainfall.
  2. I am made of a circular canopy of cloth with a long central metal. I can protect you against rain.
  3. What is made of two blades used to cut paper, cloth, mostly used in houses and schools?
  4. I am slightly light in weight that you can carry me all day along with yourself conveniently. I can be used in temporary spaces like libraries, laboratories, offices, and especially at meetings.
  5. By which you enjoy entertainment, advertising, and information sharing that has become a common interest in many households?
  6. I am made of cylindrical wood with a thin stick of graphite inside. Children mostly use me in their daily routines.
  7. I am made of metal, wood, or plastic with a metal or nylon tip. I can be found in houses, Schools, Colleges, Offices. etc.
  8. I have a little space with a supportive object to close and open. Children mostly use me to store their daily routines’ usable materials.
  9. I am called a peninsula region surrounded by water on three sides and land on one side.
  10. I am made of three horizontal colors (saffron at the top, white in the middle, and dark green at the bottom) and one more color (navy blue) in the middle that symbolizes a 24-spoke wheel.
  11. I am called a peninsula region, having water on three sides and land on one side.
  12. I have a handle, spout, and lid that you can use to store and pour the world’s widely consumed beverage.
  13. I can be round or cylinder in shape. People use me for cooking food.
  14. I am typically small in size, not necessarily having a handle, used to consume the famous worldwide drink.
  15. I am a small device with a blade to sharpen an object used to write, can be found in different shapes and colors
  16. I can be found in different shapes and colors, especially white colors, mostly used by children to rub written words.
  17. I am made of many pages that contain written words.
  18. I am made of many pages that contain no written words.
  19. I can be made of metal, plastic, or wooden, used to categorize and quantify variables.
  20. What is mostly found in rectangular-shaped and different colors, used to store pencils, erasers, sharpener?
  21. I am separated with a little distance from your Television but having a wireless connection. Without me, it is difficult to operate your television.
  22. I am a container whose top is open used to store things. You can carry me with yourself anywhere you go.
  23. It is a container whose top is open with many openings inside. Children use it to keep things they read and write.
  24. I can be a rectangular, square, and round cloth bag filled with either feathers or other soft materials. I give support to your head when you sleep

Free Online Puzzles Answers

Free Online Puzzles For Adults  Answers

  1. He must draw one of the slips and immediately destroy or swallow it. The authorities will then have to draw the other slip, and when they see it is marked “Exile”, they will assume he drew a slip marked “Pardon”.
  2. 10. Alfonso and Samuel are horses . Frankie is riding Alfonso, and is thus the first person to cross the finish line.
  3. It is a model train, and the platform is crowded with figurines.
  4. He fired the shot from within a snow covered ravine. It causes an avalanche.
  5. Michael is the only man in the room . The electrician, fireman and politician are all women
  6. It is an aircraft cabin, and the plane crashed into the mountain

Puzzles Answers For Middle or High School

  1. Asteroid
  2. Black Hole
  3. Stellar Remnants
  4. Orbit
  5. Tundra
  6. Planet
  7. Forest
  8. Tornado
  9. Cyclone
  10. Hurricane
  11. Typhoon
  12. Avalanche
  13. Tsunami
  14. Earthquakes
  15. Landslides
  16. Fountain
  17. Well
  18. Tap Water
  19. Human Satellite
  20. Jupiters
  21. Mars
  22. Universe
  23. Universe
  24. Big Bang Theory
  25. Milky Way
  26. Desert
  27. Grassland
  28. Savanna

Puzzles Answers For Junior high School

  1. Raincoat
  2. Umbrella
  3. Scissor
  4. Laptop
  5. Television
  6. A Pencil
  7. A Pen
  8. A Pencil Box
  9. India
  10. Indian Flag
  11. India
  12. Tea Pot
  13. A Metal Pot
  14. A Tea Cup
  15. Sharpener
  16. Eraser
  17. A Book
  18. A Notebook
  19. Measurement scale
  20. Pencil box
  21. TV Remote
  22. A handbag
  23. A school bag


That’s an online puzzle for adults, high school students and junior high school students. You can play other puzzles or quiz in this website. We recommend this quiz :  List of 2021 Movie Quizzes That Are Suitable To Test Your Knowledge.

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