Daily Brain Teasers 2nd Session Can Help You Think Sharper

Daily Brain Teasers 2nd Session Can Help You Think Sharper

Riddle, Riddles

We’ve come to the second part of the brain teaser program with hard riddles. Hopefully you can find the logical answer and help you think fast. We have prepared the answers at the end of the page. But try not to see it before you find your answer. Ok, let’s play.

List of Daily Brain Teaser Questions (2nd Session)

The First, Lucy just finished all four final exams for the semester. She found out that her average score was eighty-one. She also found out that her average in Physics and Math was seventy-eight. What was her average score for English and History?

The Second, The backgammon world championship took place in Monte Carlo. The tournament was organized in a round-robin format, with every participant playing a match against every other player once. If 105 matches were played in total, how many players were there in the tournament?

The third, The family dog, Buster, weighs eighty pounds more than Oscar, the cat. If their combined weight is 120 pounds, how much does Buster weigh?

The fourth, Annika’s family sent her to summer camp. In the mornings, she would run and in the evenings she would play softball. She only did one thing each day, however, and there were a few days when she decided to do nothing at all. There were thirteen mornings when she did nothing, eleven evenings when she didn’t play softball, and a total of sixteen days when she either ran or played softball. How long was Annika at camp?

Fifth, The local factory’s workforce is twenty percent part-time workers, with the rest of the workers full-time. At the end of the year, thirty percent of the full-time workers received bonuses. If seventy-two full-time workers received bonuses, how many workers does the factory employ?

Sixth, Two rival colleges decided on a tug of war. From their starting positions, the University of Minnesota pulls the University of Wisconsin forward three meters, and is then pulled forward themselves five meters. Wisconsin then pulls Minnesota forward two meters. If the first college to be pulled forward ten meters loses, how many more meters must Wisconsin pull Minnesota forward to win?

Seventh, Nate finds that by wearing different combinations of the jackets, shirts, and pairs of pants that he owns, he can create ninety different outfits. If he owns five jackets and three pairs of pants, how many shirts does he own?

Brain Teaser Answers Session 2

  1. Eighty-four was the average. Total marks in 4 exams = 4 × 81 = 324. Total marks for Physics and Math = 2 × 78 = 156. Total marks in English and History = 324 – 156 = 168. Average marks in English and History= 168/2 = 84.
  2. There are fifteen players in the tournament. 14 + 13 + … + 2 + 1 = 105.
  3. Buster weighs 100 pounds.
  4. Annika was at camp for nineteen days.
  5. 300. Twenty percent of the workers are part-time, so eighty percent of the workers are full-time. Thirty percent received bonuses and this amounted to seventy-two workers. Thirty percent of eighty percent of total workers (n) equals seventy-two. 3/10 × 8/10 × n = 72, or 24/100 × n = 72. Therefore, n = 72 × 100/24 or 300.
  6. Six. Find out how far the University of Minnesota has moved thus far. They pulled the University of Wisconsin forward three meters, so Minnesota moved backward three meters. Then they were pulled forward five meters and then a further two meters. In total then they have moved forward (–3)   5   2 = 4 meters. They must be pulled a further six meters to be pulled ten meters forward.
  7. Six. For every pair of pants, Nate can wear five different jackets, giving five different combinations for each pair of pants, or 3 × 15 = 15 different combinations of pants and jackets. With each of these combinations he can wear any of his different shirts. The different combinations of shirts, jackets, and pants is (number of shirts)

That’s the 2nd session brain teaser program, hopefully it can make your mind sharper. Make sure you have tried the first session brain teaser program.