Daily Brain Teaser 3rd Session Make Your Brain More Refreshed

Daily Brain Teaser 3rd Session Make Your Brain More Refreshed

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We have entered the 3rd session of the Hard Riddles Team’s brain teaser program. Hopefully this can make your brain fresher. Come on, play it.

Make sure you think through the answer first before looking at the answers we have provided at the end of this page..

List of Daily Brain Teaser Questions (3nd Session)

The first, Elisa spent one-fourth of her life as a girl, one-eighth as a youth, and one-half an adult. If Joan spent ten years as old woman, how old is she ?

The Second, At the playground, there are ten bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels is twenty-four, how many tricycles are there?

The third,  If it takes five dolphins five minutes to eat five fish, how many minutes would it take four dolphins to eat four fish?

The fourth, An upholsterer is putting new fabric on the back of a chair. The size of the fabric is 27 inches × 27 inches. The upholsterer uses tacks all along the edges of the square so that there are twenty-eight tacks on each side of the square. Each tack is the same distance from the neighboring tacks. How many tacks in all does the upholsterer use?

Fifth, There are two flagpoles on the military base. One pole is sixteen-feet tall and casts a shadow four-feet long on the ground. The second flagpole is sixty-four feet tall. How long would the shadow on the second flagpole be?

Sixth, Errol, a teacher at the local elementary school, likes to use chalk. He just bought a pack of sixteen sticks. When a stick is three-quarters gone, it gets too small for him to use, so he stops using it. When he has enough of these small pieces to make another stick of the original size, he joins them together and adds them back into the box as a new stick. If Errol uses one piece of chalk each day, how many days would his box of sixteen last?

Seventh, Tim owns a mason company and was hired to build a brick house. The entire house can be built in thirty-one days with five masons. Ten days after they started building the house, Tim hired ten more masons to get the house built quicker. How many more days are required to finish the house?

Brain Teaser Answers Session 3

  1. Elisa is eighty years old.
  2. There are four tricycles in the park.
  3. It would still take five minutes for four dolphins to eat four fish
  4. 108 tacks. The four corners of the square have one tack each, so each side of the square now requires twenty- six tacks. The total number of tacks used = 4 + (4 × 26) = 108.
  5. Sixteen feet. (64 / 16) × 4 = 16 feet.
  6. Twenty-one days. Errol has sixteen pieces in the original box. The small pieces make four new pieces and the small pieces of the four new pieces make one more for twenty-one
  7. Seven days will finish the house.

That’s the 3rd session brain teaser program brought to you by the Hard Riddles Team. Hope this can help you refresh your mind. Don’t forget to play the 2nd session brain teaser.