Daily Brain Teaser 4rd Session Makes Your Brain Smarter

Daily Brain Teaser 4rd Session Makes Your Brain Smarter

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We have entered the 4rd session of the Hard Riddles Team’s brain teaser program. Hopefully this can make your brain smarter. Come on, play it.

Make sure you think through the answer first before looking at the answers we have provided at the end of this page..

List of Daily Brain Teaser Questions (4nd Session)

The first, Albert, Bob, and Carl are eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Albert makes 2.4 times as many trips to the buffet as Bob, and Bob makes six fewer trips than Carl. What is the smallest possible total number of trips the three makes to the buffet, assuming that each person makes at least one trip?

The Second, Mia was training for a race by running up and down a hill. It took her sixty minutes to run up the two-mile hill and forty minutes to run down it. How long would it take Mia to run one mile on a flat surface?

The third, All of the students at a high school are playing basketball, football, or both. Seventy-three percent of the students are basketball players, and sixty-two percent are football players. If there are 200 students, how many of them are playing both basketball and football?

The fourth, Each child in the Smith family has at least three brothers and four sisters. What is the smallest number of children the Smith family might have?

Fifth, Dominic and his sister can build a wall five bricks long and five bricks high in one minute. How long will it take them to build a wall ten bricks long and ten bricks high?

Sixth, Zack and Dennis each have a collection of matchbox cars. Zack says that if Dennis will give him nine cars, they will have an equal number; but if Zack will give Dennis nine of his cars, Dennis will have four times as many cars as Zack. How many matchbox cars does Dennis have?

Seventh,Newport Beach and San Diego are eighty-eight miles apart. If Erica leaves Newport Beach on a bicycle traveling ten miles per hour and Alison leaves San Diego on foot, traveling one mile per hour, how many miles will Erics have to travel before meeting Alison on the way?

Brain Teaser Answers Session 4

  1. There were twenty-eight total trips made, with Albert making twelve of them, Bob making five, and Carl making eleven.,
  2. Mia can run one mile on a flat surface in twenty-four minutes. She can run three miles an hour downhill and two miles an hour uphill. If you take the average of the two rates, you find that Mia runs 2.5 miles per hour on a flat surface.
  3. Thirty-five percent are playing both for a total of seventy students.
  4. The smallest number of children the Smith family might have is nine.
  5. our minutes. The first wall has twenty- five bricks. The second wall has four times as many, so it will take four times as long, or four minutes.
  6. Dennis has thirty-nine cars.
  7. Together they cover the distance at eleven miles per hour so they will cover the distance of eighty-eight miles in eight hours. In eight hours they will meet and Erica will have traveled eighty miles.

That’s the 4rd session brain teaser program brought to you by the Hard Riddles Team. Hope this can help you refresh your mind. Don’t forget to play the 3nd session brain teaser.