7 of The Most difficult Riddles to Answer in The 90s

If you used to play riddles in the 90s, then you probably know that these 7 riddles were the most difficult to answer back then. Even now, many are still confused about finding the answer. Related Puzzle 23 Word Riddles Only Geniuses Can Answer. Here are the 7 most difficult riddles to answer in the… Read More »

23 Word Riddles Only Geniuses Can Answer

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7 Mind Riddles That Will Drain Your Brain

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A man rides into an inn on Friday

A man rides into an inn on Friday, stays for three nights and rides out again on Saturday. How can this be? Second Puzzle Identical twins — A liar and a truth teller — stand at a fork of the path in a labyrinth. One path leads out of the labyrinth, but the other leads… Read More »